Giants GM Joe Shane didn’t want to mortgage his future on a team that went too far

The Giants didn’t make a move Tuesday, as the NFL trade deadline came and went without any additions or deletions to the team many expected to be the bottom feeder. sitting at 6-2 Heading into the goodbye week.

There were various reasons why the Giants didn’t move. Either the available players weren’t considered a great upgrade, the teams couldn’t agree on rewards, or the price tag for adding players’ contracts was too high for the salary-cap challenged Giants.

But the main reason Joe Shane in his first season as general manager didn’t do anything to strengthen the starting Giants roster was because he saw a great record and didn’t see a great team. A dedicated, hardworking team, yes. But a roster that isn’t ready to achieve what Shane and head coach Brian Daball expect to achieve in what they expect will be a long-term stay in the franchise.

“We need to take a step back and honestly assess the roster,” Shane said during a media session on the team’s situation. “You can go crazy with ‘I won the game.’ Yeah, but we were losing him 17-3 at one point. there is.”

Giants GM Joe Shane has decided not to give Bryan Dabor (inset) a trade deadline boost.
Bill Costrone; USA TODAY Sports

The Giants didn’t trade, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t active. Shane said he’s had conversations with several teams about several players in various positions, including wide receiver, which is probably his weakest spot on the team.

“Some players didn’t do well. We couldn’t do it financially. The team wasn’t going to buy out the money. If so, they wanted a higher pick,” Shane said. .

The market for wide receivers began to move Shane traded Kadarius Tong last weekMoving ey, a first-round pick in 2021, to the Chiefs for third- and sixth-round picks in 2023. As the deadline approached, surprisingly, the Bears were the buyers, acquiring Chase Claypool from the Steelers for a second-round pick. Schoen was not interested in giving up his second day (second or third) selection and passed on to participate.

Shane couldn’t be more bright about Davor shipping Tony when the deal was finalized.

“It’s the organization’s best decision for where we are, and I’d probably just leave it at that,” Shane said.

After the trade, Shane said he and Davor spoke with the team’s captain and assured them, “We’re always going to try to win.”

“Dabor and I are very competitive and always try to do what is best for the organization, but you have to put your values ​​in. Draft picks, future capital, where you can’t be reckless. We’re building this team,” Shane said.

This means Dabor and the offensive coaching staff will have to figure out a way to jump-start the passing game without reinforcements coming around the corner — Kenny Goladay lasting him from a knee injury. Four games. Golladay recorded two catches for 22 yards in his first four games.

Shane said he hopes Golladay can play when the Giants return to action against the Texans.

The Giants rank 30th in the league in passing, averaging just 159.1 yards per game. Daniel Jones has played well, but only has his six touchdown passes. The Giants rank last in his NFL with nine successful passes of 20+ yards, placing him 31st in pass attempts of 20+ yards and 29th in the league in passing plays of 14+ yards, with 34 yards.

Shane praised Dabor and the coaching staff for what he saw from the players in terms of effort.

“It takes four or five weeks to truly understand who your team is. What I can tell you about our team is that there are a lot of tough guys who care about each other and love football.” “I thought we had some tough guys. I knew we had some competitive guys. I knew we had some good guys. They You never know how it will sway, and what it will be like when adversity hits.”

The Giants are 6-2 in the first half of Shane’s first season. He was asked if this winning formula — the Giants outdoing their opponents by a total of six points — is sustainable.

“Recipe or not, it works,” Shane said, smiling.

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