Former Finance of America team hired by Hallmark

The second member of Finance of America’s retail production group has found a new home, this time at the Hallmark Home Mortgage.

The Fort Wayne, Indiana, company has added a group of 60 people covering Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina and Texas. Mark Wadman will continue to lead the team as Hallmark’s Senior Vice President and Regional Manager.

The addition will bring Hallmark’s workforce to up to 250, said CEO and founder Deborah Sturges. The productivity of this new group could lead to more jobs at headquarters.

FOA announced its intention to exit retail mortgage originations on October 21. A deal to sell the retail business for a guaranteed rate fell through, according to the company. housing wire. Essentially, the FOA staff became free agents.

This is the second large group of former FOA employees to find a new home. About half of the laid off employees and about 40 offices have already been migrated. To American Pacific Mortgage Originally from Roseville, California.

Hallmark began operations in 2006 after Waterfield Mortgage, where Sturgis was senior vice president at the time. was on sale 650 people lost their jobs, According to the company’s website.

Sturgis had met and kept in touch with Wadman about two and a half years earlier. Wadman’s first call after her FOA decision was made to her.

“I was very honored to get that call,” Sturges said. I was on my way back.

Hallmark’s goal is to integrate this group into the organization rather than making other acquisitions. “Right now I’m really focused on making their transition very good,” Sturges said. So I don’t want to expand the team to the point of disappointing either my group or them.”

Hallmark is already licensed in every state where the Wadman group does business, with the exception of Georgia and Louisiana. It applied to two of them. And in states where we already have operations, adding more employees will increase Hallmark’s reach.

Wadman joined FOA in March 2016 and spent nearly four years at Stonegate Mortgage after two years as regional vice president before spending 15 years as senior vice president and operating partner at Advance Mortgage, according to his LinkedIn profile. was.

“Hallmark is known for its strong leadership and team support in the mortgage industry,” Wadman said in a press release. “Hallmark executives and his leadership have spoken with his team and it has become clear that this is the ideal fit for our employees and clients.”

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