Former bank employee offering loan time

WILLIAMSPORT, Pennsylvania — A Berwick banker has been sentenced to one year in prison for using false applications to obtain a number of fraudulent loans.

Matthew W. Mensinger, 49, was Chief Loan Officer at First Keystone Community Bank in Berwick from November 2011 to June 2020 when he began submitting false loan applications.

Meanwhile, Mensinger persuaded family members and business owners to obtain loans of approximately $690,000 from financial institutions, submitting bogus loan applications aimed at small businesses and mortgages.

In turn, Mensinger, in his capacity as an officer of the financial institution, approved and facilitated loan approvals. In reality, however, the individual provided the money to Mensinger, who promised to repay the loan as he was ineligible to obtain the loan in his own right.

In addition to Mensinger’s prison sentence, Chief Judge Bran also ordered

He did 30 hours of community service and was required to pay back the remaining $290,000 or more owed to financial institutions.

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