Football fan frenzy, insurance claims soar – Business Insurance

With the FIFA World Cup starting later this month, British insurer Aviva PLC hopes not to repeat its experience at the last tournament, when football-related claims increased by 82%.

A statement from Aviva said the sporting enthusiasm during the 2018 World Cup resulted in home insurance claims averaging £530 ($615).

Damages claims included a laptop falling into a bath while a customer was watching a game, a boy burning a carpet while trying to dry his football kit with a hair dryer, and a football being kicked into the air. It included that the drone crashed due to the ball.

One customer left his phone in a cab when driving home from a game, and the problem was compounded when the driver refused to return it, saying the customer didn’t leave enough tip.

“Accidental damage coverage is usually available as an add-on to home insurance. We can,” the statement said.

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