Florida Workers Compensation Agency Sets Workshop for Rules on Exempt Officers

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The Florida Department of Workers Compensation will hold a workshop on November 16 to discuss proposed changes to the rules governing when and how company executives are exempt from workers’ compensation coverage.

Current rules require that only companies organized under the requirements of state law qualify as companies that can issue certificates that exempt their officers from compensation requirements. The proposed rule, shown here, makes a number of amendments, including removing a section that would allow regulators to deny exemptions from ineligible companies.

of new rule Please note that incomplete or inaccurate waiver forms will be returned. The applicant is given 90 days to correct the defect. The rule also requires corporate officers requesting an exemption to prove that they have completed an online compliance her tutorial. Also, officers must show a driver’s license or Florida ID.

Other proposed changes address procedures after penalties are evaluated.

“If an employer is served with a work stoppage order, the employer must wait 20 business days from the delivery of the first amendment order for penalties assessment to provide sufficient business records for the department to determine the employer’s salary. Days are given and employer penalties are: Recalculated according to Florida law.

It’s unclear if the rule change is related to issues that have been boiling in the workers’ compensation kitchen for the past few years. Insurance Journal reported in his August report that some insurers I have regularly requested insurance premiums from corporate officers. or exempt subcontractors as permitted by Florida law.

The 2019 National Council on Indemnity Insurance posted a reminder that corporate officers who opted for an exemption from indemnity insurance “must not be included in premium calculations.” Still, some carriers continue to charge unless full documentation is provided, sources said.

The workshop is set for November 16th at 9:30am ET. Stakeholders can participate via the GoToMeeting platform or by phone. Phone number is +1 (571) 317-3116. The access code is 866-262-381.

On November 1st, the DWC held a workshop on another rule change that has received a lot of attention regarding physician medications. About 50 insurance companies attended, according to participants.

Physician dispensing rules have been at issue in Florida for years.with latest proposalthe DWC is essentially starting over after insurers challenged a 2020 bulletin from the State Department of Financial Services.

DWC officials have indicated that they will consider the concerns raised at the workshop and may revise the proposal in the coming weeks.

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