Florida insurance agent charged with missing $41,000 in premiums

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When a major Naples, Fla., property owner recently tried to refinance some loans, the owner said 31 properties were uninsured despite paying thousands of dollars in premiums. I was surprised to discover that

Late last month, Florida Department of Financial Services investigators offered some answers when they announced the arrest of longtime Pompano Beach-based insurance agent Veronica Scoop. The woman, who has been a licensed agent for nearly 30 years, was charged with fraud and forgery on Oct. 25 and was imprisoned in Broward County Jail, her DFS said in a statement.

According to Florida’s chief financial officer, Skopp had the property owner transfer $41,418 of premium money into her business bank account, but she used the money for personal expenses and fake insurance policies. After meeting with DFS detectives, Skopp confessed to embezzling insurance premiums from victims and additional consumers and providing fraudulent documents, according to authorities.

“Insurance fraud is a costly crime, especially when committed by trusted financial advisors,” said CFO Jimmy Patronis. “In this case, the victim was unknowingly left uninsured and left hanging, taking on an immense responsibility that was not his fault.”

Skopp’s Linkedin page says she’s owned the We Insure franchise since 2014. If convicted of this crime, she could face up to 20 years in prison. Her license has been suspended, according to DFS. Complaints about her agency are posted on her website at the Better Business Bureau.

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