Enrollment opens on state health insurance exchanges, public health emergency order looms

Enrollment for health insurance is now open through the state exchange beWellnm. Officials said this week it was important for people to understand their options as the COVID public health emergency could end early next year.

Federal public health emergency orders have been in place since the start of the 2020 pandemic. As long as this order remains in effect, people covered by Medicaid will not lose their coverage.

in New Mexico 53% increase in reported COVID-19 Cases from the average of two weeks ago. In addition, Triple demic of influenza, COVID and RSV It’s hitting kids and hospitals hard this season.

However, the interim CEO of beWellnm Heather Korbulic said the public health emergency order is expected to end in mid-January 2023.

“We are also working closely with New Mexico Medicaid to ensure a smooth transition when the public health emergency is over. , we want to make sure you know that beWellnm is available,” Krobrick said.

Dr. David Shaw, chairman of the board of beWellnm, added that the health insurance plans offered are more affordable than ever. By working with the state Healthcare Affordability Fund has eliminated behavioral health co-payments, lowered insurance premiums, lowered prescription costs, and reduced out-of-pocket costs.

Under beWellnm, most insured New Mexicans can pay a premium of less than $10 a month, and some even get free coverage.

Open registration is now open until January 15, 2023. If he enrolls by December 23rd, his insurance will start on January 1st, and if he enrolls by January 15th, he will be covered from February 1st.




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