‘Ellen Needs Insurance’ is the true story of the actor in her quest to get coverage

Creative inspiration can come from anywhere. For married couple Ellen Horn and Drew Johnston, it both came from where they needed to be in the entertainment industry.

Haun is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and found earlier this fall that he was $804 below the union’s minimum income to qualify for health insurance.

“I have to earn $26,470 each year to qualify for health insurance for the next year. So I didn’t think I could make it. I started panicking,” Haun said. “I started trying to submit myself to various auditions. I asked my agent if I could get as many auditions as I could. I started doing some background work to shave it off.”

But despite that scramble, she began to worry that she wouldn’t have enough time or potential bookings to meet the December 31st deadline. After discussing this crisis, the couple came up with an unconventional solution. about Ellen needed health insurance, did you enroll her and pay her the $804 she needed?

So the concept of the short film is Ellen needs insuranceWas born.

Horn and Johnston will write and produce, Horn will star, and Johnston will direct. The process of getting a project approved by the Screen Actors Guild can be lengthy and bureaucratic, so they found executive her producer Darren Miller to manage the paperwork and the production on time.

Their main focus now is on casting and crowdfunding the project so it can start filming in December.

The team is aiming to raise $30,000 for this project. To date, they have raised over $10,000. Haun and Johnston thought, if you’re struggling to make a film for this purpose, why not help others in a similar position?

“If we do, we’re going to do our best and maybe try to get as many actors as possible with health insurance,” Johnston said.

They’re currently looking to cast 15 actors who nearly meet the health insurance minimum and pay them the specific amount they need to meet their goals.

If they exceed their fundraising goals, they say they will write and cast more parts for the production to spread the wealth as much as possible. He says he’s looking forward to creating something he’s proud of.

“I think this is why Dru and I are in comedy. How much absurdity do you write about? [insurance] Cost and how hard would it be to keep a doctor if insurance changed? Laughing about it makes me feel a lot better,” Haun said.

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seeds and sparks

After marriage, the couple could now claim health insurance from each other. Now they both rely on Eren meeting the bare minimum.

The couple say their struggle to meet the insurance minimum is not unique to their situation. In fact, Johnston came up with the idea for the Meta Health Insurance movie five years ago. He found himself in a similar situation then, but he missed his chance to qualify that year.

“In this industry, it is often said that an idea is never dead. It kind of falls asleep and remains dormant. [that] Just come back,” said Johnston.

“I wanted to show how crazy it is that no matter how hard you try, insurance shouldn’t be tied to employment.”

For Haun, it’s more than just commentary.

“Insurance is an emotional thing as an actor. I remember the first time I qualified. I was 27. I had just booked a really big commercial. I was so proud of myself. “And as the years go by, I’m really glad I had this insurance. But it just doesn’t work.”

Ellen needs insurance will be released in spring 2023. For more information and the latest information, please visit: Ellenneedsinsurance.com.

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