Editorial: Floridians pay a lot for health insurance

Forbes said Louisiana Residents with employer-provided health insurance pay the highest premiums in the country.Paid by employees on family plans $6,999 Annually (second highest amount).

Also, according to Forbes, west virginia Residents with private health insurance on the Affordable Care Act marketplace pay the fourth highest annual premiums nationwide ($8,024).

Another similar study by federal fund I came up with a number that represents a family floridaeven with insurance provided by the employer, $7,674 for family policy.Individual workers who opt for employer-provided insurance also, on average, $1,811the third highest in the country, according to the Commonwealth.

According to the Commonwealth report, the average amount is florida Workers pay insurance premiums paid from their salaries and deductibles are $9,284 By 2020, it will be 16% of state median income. 10 years ago, Florida’s paid by the worker $5,205 — or 11% of state median income.

“One reason state health insurance premiums are so high is Florida’s Employers are not paying as much as employers in other parts of the country.” Sarah Collinslead author of the study and Vice President of the Commonwealth.

Collins said in a report filed online: florida lower than the national average, in fact significantly lower. So it’s just the perfect storm for a high cost burden. ”

According to the Commonwealth, the family floridahad to pay, on average, 37% of their income in premiums, or $7,674It was the highest in the nation.

Now with free enrollment, Obamacare can help low-income and unemployed people.

The average cost of an Obamacare plan is $328 To $482 It depends on the type of plan and where you live. To qualify, we Citizens earning 100% or more of the federal poverty level.in short $13,590 For individuals in 2023. For a family of four, at least $27,750.

If you’re unemployed, you may be able to get affordable health insurance plans through the marketplace that can save you money based on your income and household size. Medicaid or Children’s health insurance system (chips).

You can check Marketplace coverage by calling 1-800-318-2596.

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