Earthquake Insurance Gap Widens in Southeast Missouri – My Mo Info

(Farmington) There is a growing number of Missourians living in the New Madrid earthquake zone who do not have earthquake insurance.

According to a new report released this week, 60% of those who lived in the zone last year had earthquake insurance.

This is a 49% decrease from 2000.

At the same time, earthquake insurance costs increased by 816%.

Jeff Briggs is Missouri’s Earthquake Program Manager.

He says there was a major earthquake in southeastern Missouri before Missouri became a state.

Briggs said the quakes in southeastern Missouri were more powerful than any recorded in the historical record for California or elsewhere on the West Coast.

Another finding from the insurance report shows that many homeowners in Missouri believe that regular homeowners insurance does not actually cover earthquake damage.

The New Madrid seismic zone averages more than 200 minor quakes annually, according to state officials, and scientists predict a major quake will hit southeastern Missouri in the next 50 years. Chances are 25-40%.

Just over the weekend, two earthquakes were recorded in our listening area.

Saturday’s magnitude 3.2 quake was centered in northern Carter County, near where Carter, Reynolds and Shannon counties all converge.

Also on Sunday, a smaller 2.2 call was recorded just east of the Bonterre city line in St. Francois County.

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