‘Don’t Sign’: Action 9 Offers Insurance Tips to Help Homeowners Navigate Tropical Storm Nicole

As Tropical Storm Nicole approaches Florida, there are some important insurance tips to keep in mind for Action 9.

It is important to have the homeowner’s policy on hand and take photos and videos of your belongings and the exterior of your home. If you’re filming a video of your content, narrating the details of what you’re recording will help you later if you need to claim it.

LIVE UPDATE: Winds and Waves Hit Central Florida Coastline as TS Nicole Approaches State

According to insurance expert Tom Cotton, most policies require homeowners to do what they can when it’s safe to minimize damage after a storm.

Cotton warns consumers to beware of contractors making empty promises and using certain contracts that can hurt homeowners in the long run.

“People flock to Florida from all over the country. If a contract contains a transfer of benefits or something similar to a transfer of benefits, don’t sign it. Transfer your rights as a policyholder to a third party.” That means a third party controls the money.”Cotton said homeowners should contact their insurance company or agent before signing anything. rice field.

Again, if minor repairs need to be made to prevent further damage, wait until the storm has completely passed. Safety is always our top priority.

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