Digital Thinking Leadership in Insurance “P&C Insurance Embracing the Future”

NTT DATA, a leader in global digital business and IT services, has released a new white paper on the insurance industry, “P&C Insurance Embracing the Future.” to stay also presents the company’s recommendations based on its global approach. Below is a summary of NTT DATA’s findings.

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Always thought of as a traditional industry, the insurance industry has been able to cope with the downside through agility and digitization. In recent years, the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry has accelerated its pace and experienced business resilience, and its ability to adapt and respond to change by transforming existing transformation models and evolving business operations. is developing. This adaptation process required the insurer to understand the new buyer, adapt its product mix to the new situation, and prepare its workforce for this new panorama.

It is important for insurers to prioritize their vision of the future in strategies where technology and innovation are on the side of business success. It is important for insurers to prioritize their vision of the future in strategies where technology and innovation are on the side of business success. Awareness of cutting-edge technologies and how they are driving the industry forward is essential for insurers challenging competitiveness and market relevance.

In the current global environment, NTT DATA believes it is an ideal time for P&C insurers to continue accelerating their transformation. In creating the new white paper, we have leveraged the industry knowledge and capabilities of our experts to provide a solution that is aligned with the industry’s current needs.

A new route for industry evolution

NTT Data Insight

In the new life context where people are working from home, using less cars, changing life events and increasing use of digital technology. had. The revitalization of digital channels has increased the number of touchpoints with customers, making the customer experience more prominent as it becomes increasingly important to provide seamless multi-channel experiences delivered through omnichannel platforms.

As insurers move toward their future strategies, we are keeping a close eye on various macroeconomic trends, disruptions by various players in the InsurTech ecosystem, disruptions from technology and industry giants, and what is now essential for the industry to overcome. It is imperative to understand the advanced technology that is technology obsolescence.

Another key challenge for the sector to consider as it moves forward is the issue of becoming a data-driven enterprise, a key ingredient for real-time decision-making and action. Connecting your data to cutting-edge technology is key to achieving business success.

Insurers are already on their data journey, but it’s not enough. It can be considered still in the early stages of adoption and there is room for improvement to unlock its full potential. Technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and analytics can help insurers operate, drive innovation, and leverage data and analytics across the value chain.

NTT DATA can support insurance companies in the following use cases:

  • Creating an ecosystem with retailers and dealers to offer experiences, not just products
  • Overcome infrastructure obsolescence, a key digitization challenge for insurers
  • Reduce billing leaks and optimize billing processes

If insurers want to go down the digital path, they need to consider the best technology scenarios to run them more efficiently and positively impact their service to their end customers.


P&C insurers are undergoing a transformation where factors such as digitization, resilience and agility are critical. It’s important to consider how to connect and deliver unparalleled customer experiences, and not lose focus on becoming a data-driven company in its strategy to better serve and understand customers. It won’t work.

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