Considerations when choosing new technology for your mortgage business

“There is currently a lot of discussion about rating bias. Using this technology will help mitigate rating bias and ensure that raters are completely independent of the process and completely free from any communication or interaction with the borrower or seller. Even if you are independent, you can make sure it doesn’t matter.”

Lehr pointed out that companies need to make sure it’s a good fit for them, not just the next cool thing to hit the market. “I think the most important thing in evaluating technology is that it improves processes, not necessarily replacing them. Not reinventing the wheel is kind of a basic term So I think a lot of times you’re seeing how this is done. [is] Wouldn’t that help your process and not necessarily prevent you from managing the new program?”

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Mr. Poulin agrees. Process as far as streamlining and approaching things go. It can’t just be cool, can it? It has to solve a serious problem you have at the company and it has to be measured. So it’s the pain of what’s going on with you and your company, the rewards you get out of it, and making sure they’re delivered. Up. “

Agarwal adds: That is, similar to the Amazon model, on Amazon he buys $0.10 or on Amazon he buys $10,000.

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