Community outreach event provides enrollment guidance for Medicaid, Health Insurance Marketplace

Columbia – Compass Health Network and CLAIM held a joint event at the Columbia Public Library to help people navigate the Medicare and Medicaid registration process.

Compass Health Outreach and Enrollment Director Wendy Schrader said staff are there to offer unbiased advice on insurance plans.

“Through our health insurance marketplaces Medicare and Medicaid, we host health insurance enrollment events so people can learn about their health insurance options for free,” said Schrader. “We have an assistant on board here to help you with registration.”

BEC Coordinator and CLAIM Regional Liaison Cindy Carr was also available to explain the new Medicare rates.

“They will actually see an 8.7% increase in their Social Security checks, which is good,” says Carr. “This year, for the first time in a long time, Part B premiums will actually go down.”

Schrader said the event is a great tool for community members.

“If you’re doing it yourself, the signup process can be very difficult and quite complicated,” says Schrader. “That’s why the government actually funds backers and goes out into the community to help people.”

The staff explained how to create an account, apply for coverage and compare options.

“Many of us would say it would be life-changing if we could connect to insurance that could get the care we needed,” says Schrader. “It could be life or death. It will definitely change your life.”

The event was a meaningful support for Brian Kieru and his family. He said his family immigrated to the United States three weeks before him. They were attending events looking for health insurance while they continued to look for work.

“The reason we’re here is because we haven’t found a job yet,” Kiel said. “But we’ve created some applications here. While we’re waiting, it’s very important to have insurance in case of emergencies…it helps a lot as a family.”

CLAIM will continue to provide assistance every Wednesday and every other Saturday at the Columbia Public Library. In-Person Outreach If you are unable to attend his event, Mr. Schroeder told Compass his health outreach and registration personnel: Dedicated telephone line provide assistance;

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