Common Damages Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Taking care of your home, cleaning it regularly, fixing it when it breaks, and maintaining the structure and overall property are all part of being a responsible homeowner. policy geniusDamage to the house due to lack of maintenance or carelessness will not be covered by the insurance company. Like pests, they are considered preventable damage that can be easily avoided. Many companies now send inspectors to ensure that the roof of the house is not at high risk of being damaged. zebra). If they deem the risks too great, the company can ask them to take specific actions. Otherwise, we will cancel coverage on your home. To avoid this, keep your gutters clear, trim and clear shrubs and bushes, and remove any dead trees or limbs that may fall onto your home.

Mold is a dangerous risk for homeowners. CDCLeft untreated, mold can seriously harm the health of your home and family. usa news Unless the mold is caused by a sudden event such as a tornado, hurricane, or flood, mold is also not covered.

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