Claudia Tenney Demands Transparency for Large Planned Parenthood COVID-19 Loans

Rep. Claudia Tenney (RN.Y.) is asking the Small Business Administration to explain why it allowed $67 million. payroll protection program loan to parenthood planning Affiliates — These Loans abortion The clinic should never have gotten it in the first place.

and letter First obtained by The Daily Signal, Tenney and her Republican colleagues told Inspector General Hannibal “Mike” Ware that the Small Business Administration “has decided to allow.” payroll protection program Loans given “in violation of guidelines set by Congress” parenthood planning related company.

These loans totaled about $67 million, the letter said.

“And embarrassingly, your office discovered in its September 2022 report that Planned Parenthood affiliates are not actually affiliates of the Planned Parenthood Federation of American (PPFA),” Tenney said. He continued: “In response, I would like to clarify how I arrived at this conclusion, and to clarify how, despite the clear way in which the PPFA manages member organizations, these organizations do not qualify as affiliates.” Please explain to Congress that there is no.”

Over the past few years, Tenney’s fellow Republicans have have repeatedly accusing Plan Parenthood of illegally receiving these loans, called We asked the Small and Medium Business Administration to investigate how and why. abortion The giant received coronavirus aid.

“Planned Parenthood affiliates must adhere to company guidelines, follow affiliate obligations, and be certified before becoming an affiliate,” Tenney told The Daily Signal. “Obviously they are an integral part of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and do not meet the size limits of the Paycheck Protection Program intended to keep small businesses and organizations viable during the darkest times of the pandemic. It’s a slush fund for the country’s largest and most politically connected abortion provider.”

“Republicans in Congress are committed to government accountability and I will continue to fight to ensure strong oversight of how taxpayer money is spent,” she added.

Congress approves the Small Business Administration to issue Paycheck Protection Program loans to businesses with 500 or more employees and waives those loans for businesses with 500 or more employees (excluding hotels and restaurants). Tenney said it applied accession rules that forbid both

“The purpose of this restriction was to ensure that PPP aid was only provided to smaller companies and organizations that were truly independent from the larger state-owned enterprises,” the MP explained. “These smaller companies and organizations have historically had a much harder time raising capital and absorbing shocks. It also prevented us from organizing as a network.”

Under former President Donald Trump managementAs Tenney reminded Ware, the Small Business Administration said Planned Parenthood’s corporate headquarters would impose “affiliation obligations” on local affiliates or require affiliates to comply in writing with Planned Parenthood companies. He pointed out that they manage affiliates in a variety of ways, including mandating compliance with bylaws. policy.

“Given that membership in the PPFA can bring significant funding and support to affiliates, the powers held by the PPFA are an effective way for headquarters to manage its affiliates.” writes Tenney. “This would have disqualified PPFA affiliates from receiving his PPP loan and being pardoned. ”

The House of Representatives asked for an explanation as to “why these methods of PPFA’s administration of affiliates do not disqualify PPFA affiliates from the PPP.”

“By mistakenly granting loans to Planned Parenthood affiliates, SBA depleted limited funds that were intended to go to many truly independent small businesses whose applications were not approved before the program ended. I did,” she added.

In a statement to The Daily Signal, Rep. Chris Smith, RN.J., said the $67 million in taxpayer funds funneled into Planned Parenthood through the Paycheck Protection Program was a “blatant and egregious violation of the law.” said.

“The Paycheck Protection Program was intended to help small businesses suffer. COVID-19 (new coronavirus infectious disease) Do not expand the pockets of Planned Parenthood, the massive abortion company that has killed over 9 million innocent children since 1973. report Affiliate revenue for the year during the pandemic exceeded $1.4 billion,” said Smith. “The Biden administration must respond to its apparent disregard for this law and be held accountable for the misuse of American taxpayer dollars.”

Reprinted with permission from daily signalpublications heritage foundation.


Mary Margaret Olohan is a senior reporter for The Daily Signal.

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