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Finding the right car insurance for you starts with assessing your needs. Veterans may have unique needs to consider when purchasing insurance. Bankrate can help you navigate the challenges and find the right cheap military auto insurance. Luckily, some companies offer discounts to veterans and military service members, and some focus entirely on compensating those who are in or have served in active service. Our research shows that USAA and Geico sell cheap auto insurance to veterans, and Farmers also offers relatively low rates.

Where is the cheapest auto insurance company for veterans?

Bankrate surveyed 122 insurers to find best auto insurance company and the cheapest car insurance companyWhen looking to buy cheap auto insurance for veterans, our research shows that to start your search: automatic quote Armed Force Insurance (AFI), Farmers, Geico, Liberty Mutual, and USAA insurers may offer the most affordable coverage.

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  • USAA offers the lowest average annual full and minimum premiums on our list at $1,209 and $354 respectively.
  • Armed Forces Insurance and USAA both specialize in coverage for military personnel and veterans.
  • Farmers, Geico, and Liberty Mutual all offer veterans discounts that are open to military and civilians alike.

Cheapest car insurance for veterans by coverage level.

If you’re buying auto insurance as a veteran, you’re likely considering price. on the other hand, average car insurance cost According to Quadrant Information Services, full coverage is $1,771 per year and minimum coverage is $545 per year. Some companies charge much lower rates on average, and some carriers even offer military discounts to help you save even more. Here are 5 cheap car insurance companies that specialize in military service or offer discounts for veterans.

Annual Average Full Coverage Rate

Armed Forces Insurance (AFI) Unrated none none none
farmers 3.8 $127 $1,524 -$247
Geico 4.8 $108 $1,297 -$474
Liberty Mutual 3.9 none none none
USAA 5.0 $101 $1,209 -$562

*Based on full coverage premium using our base profile

Average Annual Minimum Compensation Rate

Armed Forces Insurance (AFI) Unrated none none none
farmers 3.8 $46 $550 +$5
Geico 4.8 $30 $365 -$180
Liberty Mutual 3.9 none none none
USAA 5.0 $30 $354 -$191

*Based on minimum coverage premium using basic profile

Cheapest car insurance for veterans by status.

Being in the military isn’t the only nuance to consider when buying car insurance.You may also wonder if your status while in the military affects how much you pay. Compare car insurance rates 6 different military positions including active duty, active and inactive reserves, and retirement. The numbers don’t vary much, but knowing the average can help you determine if the quoted premium from a particular company is competitive.

Active $1,719 $514
active reserve $1,719 $513
invalid reservation $1,719 $513
non-commissioned officer $1,719 $513
retired $1,719 $513
Broke up $1,727 $509

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In general, military status does not have a significant impact on auto insurance rates. Our research shows that the difference between the highest and lowest average complete coverage for various military positions is only 0.5%. However, your status determines whether you are eligible for a company military discount or coverage from a company that specializes in military coverage. Many companies, for example, do not apply discounts to companies with a disgrace type of disclaimer.

Factors Affecting Cheap Rates for Veterans

While your position in the military doesn’t directly affect your premiums, there are other factors that affect your ability to get cheap auto insurance for veterans.

  • Discharge state: according to US Department of Veterans Affairs, a veteran is a person who “has served in active military, naval, or air service and has been discharged or released under conditions other than dishonor.” If you have a dishonorable discharge, you are not considered a veteran and may not be eligible for military insurance or military discounts.
  • Rank: Some insurers may consider your military status while you were still in active duty in the underwriting process. Certain ranks may be eligible for different discount levels and may have access to different rating profiles.
  • Choice of Insurance Company: not all Insurance company It specifically caters to military personnel such as USAA and AFI. Of the companies that are open to civilians, only a few offer discounts to veterans and military personnel. Rates vary by insurer, but you can find the cheapest coverage if you find a company that offers military discounts or works specifically with military families.
  • Year: Veterans may span a wide range of ages, but Age is one of the biggest evaluation factors When it comes to auto insurance. Younger drivers tend to pay higher premiums, but as they get older and experience behind the wheel, their premiums tend to decrease (provided they maintain a clean driving record). This means older veterans may have lower premiums than younger veterans.

How Veterans Can Save on Auto Insurance

Finding cheap auto insurance for veterans may take time and research. For the seasoned, here are some tips to lower your car insurance premiums.

  • to shop: Even if you get a quote from a company that specializes in military insurance or offers military discounts, it can be helpful to do some research. compare quotes from another company. Prices vary depending on a number of factors, so you can find cheap auto insurance for veterans even with companies that don’t have veteran-specific benefits.
  • Ask about military discounts: even if you get a quote Ask for availability from companies that do not advertise military discounts on their websites. Companies don’t always advertise all the discounts they offer, so you may find discounts you didn’t know were available.
  • Take advantage of other discounts: Non-military discounts, such as paperless insurance, are still available to veterans. Telematics program Student discount for young drivers as stated in the policy.You can also consider bundling home insurance as a soldierwhich may give you a discount on both policies.
  • Maintain active policies. If you already have a car, you should practice this tip even before you become a veteran, but it will also help keep your bills low. Even active military personnel may not be driving vehicles, especially if they are in training or deployment. However, as long as you own the vehicle, you must have valid insurance. Generally, the vehicle can be put into ‘storage mode’. comprehensive — while not driving. However, if you have a loan or lease, you should check with your financial institution before making any changes.
  • Maintain a clean driving record: This tip is useful for all drivers, not just veterans. Driving records are one of the most influential valuation factors auto insurers consider when evaluating a policy. By driving safely and avoiding accidents such as tickets and accidents at fault, you can avoid expensive surcharges and in some cases earn safe driving discounts.

General auto insurance discounts for veterans.

car insurance discount One of the easiest ways to save on insurance premiums. Below are some of the popular discounts available to veterans.

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