Catriona Carey’s Kilkenny home was seized after she missed a mortgage for 10 years

The people who were duped by Catriona Carey demanded to know how the scammer spent 10 years of luxury buying comfortable designer clothes and jumping off on holiday – all without paying off her mortgage. Hmm.

The 44-year-old former hockey star lost his family home after being homeless for 10 years.


Former Irish international hockey player has his Kilkenny property seized after 10 years of not paying his mortgageCredit: Gary Ashe – Commissioned by The Sun Dublin
Catriona has also been involved in a controversy over alleged mortgage fraud and has been called a


Catriona has also been involved in a controversy over alleged mortgage fraud and has been called a “criminal” by her victims.Credit: Sportsfile – Subscription

But for those who lost their savings to alleged mortgage fraud, the case raises more questions, one woman who was deceived by Carrie said.

Speaking to The Irish Sun, she said:

“Where is she getting that money from?

“Why did she stay in that house for 10 years? Why fly to another country for a fancy vacation and buy all the designer stuff while paying for a new kit for the hockey team?” mosquito?”

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On Friday, the former international athlete’s Kilkenny home became the property of Start Mortgages Designated Activity Company.

The company received an exclusive possession order in May this year, carry We have accumulated over 359,000 euros in arrears.

A source told how a bailiff and a representative from a debt collection company attended the estate on Friday.

Also, the house locks were changed and access to utilities was cut off.

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Carrie was given three months to vacate the property after it was first granted ownership in May, but she’s only been evacuated in the last few weeks.

Court documents tell The Independent that the former Kilkenny Camogie player has not made his monthly mortgage payments since November 2012.

The outstanding balance for this property in March 2022 is €876,000, including €359,000 in arrears.

She also has a large amount of delinquency on a property she owns. leash When Carlow Another house in Kilkenny has been auctioned for €365,000.

Carey was involved Controversy Over Alleged Mortgage Fraud.

“She is a criminal”

was claimed to be She stole thousands of euros from people in financial difficulty After promising to help them secure new deals to keep their property.

A woman who was scammed called the former hockey star a criminal and said she was “disappointed with the law and the justice system.

“She is a criminal and we don’t have to file a civil suit against her. The law should do this.”

Those who paid her for the unprecedented mortgage deal are unlikely to receive their money back.

Customer funds of €200,000 or more deposited into Careysfort accounts by desperate homeowners spent on personal items Services including Series 5 BMW.

An RTÉ investigation revealed that no transaction occurred and the deposit was not returned.

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The athlete has since admitted that this money is “lost and irretrievable.”

Garda’s investigation into the fraud allegations is currently ongoing.

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