Catriona Carey lost her family home after 10 years of mortgage default

Former Irish hockey player Catriona Carey lost her family’s home after failing to pay her mortgage for nearly a decade.

Tart Mortgages Designated Activity Company took possession of a property in Weir View Hill, Co Kilkenny on Friday.

According to sources, bailiffs and members of a company that specializes in debt collection services were also present.

Property locking has been changed, blocking access to utilities.

We know that Carrie has already been away from home within the past few weeks.

A occupancy order was issued to Start Mortgages in May after Carey racked up more than €359,000 in arrears.

There was a three-month suspension, allowing the former Kilkenny Camogie player to leave home until August.

But she remained there until very recently.

She was given the option to stay in the house temporarily if she agreed to sell it by private agreement.

Carey, embroiled in controversy over alleged mortgage fraud, received hundreds of thousands of euros from people in financial difficulty after promising to help secure new deals to keep their properties alive, in 2012. I hadn’t made a monthly mortgage payment since November 2011. , according to court documents.

The outstanding balance for this property in March was €876,000, including €359,000 in arrears.

She also suffered heavy arrears on her property on the border of Laish and Carlow, and another house in Kilkenny was auctioned for €365,000.

The Irish Independent also learned that the house she rented to the couple but owned by relatives is now for sale.

Those who paid her thousands of euros for a mortgage deal that never happened have little chance of getting their money back because of the extent of her own debt.

The convicted fraudster decided to challenge a four-year driving ban after first pleading guilty to four counts of road traffic violations, including driving without a license and without insurance, in January. is scheduled to return to court on

She appealed to Kilkenny Circuit Court last week and told state attorney Gerald Meaney through her attorney at the 11th hour that she intended to appeal her conviction in full.

Meaney said it was his understanding that the appeal was related to the severity of the ban, and that there had previously been no indication that a full appeal had been filed.

Cleared to continue driving pending the outcome of the appeal, Carey did not appear in court.

Judge Kenneth Connolly has postponed the issue until January to give the defense time to finalize its case.

Carey came to Gardai’s attention last year for a driving offense and received 12 penalty points for speeding in a 50km/h zone and speeding in a 120km/h zone.

She has been disqualified for a period of six months from 8 November 2021 to 8 May 2022.

However, she was stopped by Gardai twice for motor vehicle violations while the disqualification was active.

Garda Thomas Loughnane stopped Catriona Carey driving her BMW on Castlecomer Road last December 10th.

Gda Loughnane said he knew Carey had been disqualified from driving and had informed her of this.

“This is my car,” Carey told security, stating that she felt bullied, adding, “You think I’ll take a taxi?”

Judge Geraldine Carthy took Carey’s apology and guilty plea into account, but was pulled over a month later after getting in a car “that she knew full well that she was disqualified.” He said it was difficult to make excuses.

She gave her a suspended sentence and a four-year driving ban.

This was not the first time she had been convicted by a Kilkenny court.

She was convicted of fraud in February 2020 after falsifying a check she received from a client who hired her as an accountant.

Carey had a check for 6,948 euros issued to the Commissioner of Revenue changed for his own payment and cashed it at a bank in Kilkenny, a stone’s throw from the courthouse.

She received an eight-month suspended sentence.

Carey, who was seen in possession of her €55,000 white BMW, purchased with funds filed in an account with her firm Careysfort Asset Estates, remained in custody after it was seized by Gardai earlier this year. I’m staying.

Over €200,000 of customer funds deposited in Careysfort accounts by desperate homeowners were spent on personal goods and services, including a Series 5 BMW.

Carey received thousands of euros from people across the country through a mortgage scheme that offered to buy debt from lenders at discounted prices once the lenders paid her a deposit.

An RTÉ investigation revealed that no transaction occurred and the deposit was not returned.

She has since admitted that this money is “lost and irretrievable.”

A Garda investigation into the fraud allegations is ongoing.

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