Caesars Sportsbook Promo Code ACTION4FULL Nets $1,250 Insurance

Caesars sports book Promo code ACTION4FULL unlocks high value bonus offers for new users in all Caesars states.

Their two live offers are:

  • ACTION4FULL, which wins up to $1,250 in insurance on the first bet. This means that if you lose your first bet, you will be refunded with a free bet.
  • action tickswill be available exclusively to Ohio users prior to Ohio’s January 1st launch, where you can bet $20 at launch to win $100 and enter the weekly draw for Cleveland Cavaliers tickets.

Messed up? please do not worry. More on that below.

How the Caesars Offer Works

So how exactly do these offers work?

ACTION4FULL New users can bet up to $1,250. If you lose your bet, you will be refunded the amount wagered on your free bet as long as it is less than $1,250.

action ticks New Ohio users can wager a minimum of $20 and receive a guaranteed $100 free wager, regardless of the outcome. You also get his entry in the weekly raffle for Cavs tickets. Of course, sports betting he doesn’t start until January 1st, so you’ll have to wait until then to actually win the $100 free bet.

Let’s take the example of First Bet Insurance.

Let’s say you deposit $100 and bet 100% on Magic +230 against the Mavericks in Orlando on Wednesday night.

  • If Magic wins, you pocket $230 and keep your original $100. $330 is now completely yours in your account — feel free to bet, withdraw or just keep it.
  • If Magic loses, a free bet from Caesars will return $100.

Free bets are detailed below.

What to expect with a free bet

Here’s how I like to think of free bets: it’s like Caesars paying the wager, and if Caesars wins, you keep your profit, but not your wager. If you lose, you’re done.

Continuing the example above, let’s say Magic loses and the free bet wins back $100. With only a few weeks to use them, he decided to bet it all on the TCU Moneyline on Saturday against Texas.

The weekend price for this marquee matchup is +220. We always recommend using the free bet with a plus money bet as the expected value is very high.we Dive into math here.

  • So if TCU wins, it will win $220, but not keep the original $100. So you have $220 in your account, which is completely yours after a $100 deposit. A profit of 120 yen.
  • If TCU loses, it ends up at $0.

As such, most sportsbooks would not claim that these bets are risk-free. Caesars pivoted to first bet insurance. There is a risk because you can lose everything.

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Back here on the Seahawks, as he does all year round. Here is his full explanation:

Oh, back to Seattle Island and now going abroad.

I really didn’t expect to be back in the well again this week, but I can’t escape this rude Seattle team. Seattle is nice, I swear! Over the last five games, the Seahawks rank him fourth in his DVOA. They’re fourth on defense, ahead of the fourth-ranked offense this season, and there are 32 NFL teams! Seattle is in the top 4 for every measure. I feel like I’m on crazy pills.

Bucs have been below average in attack and defense overall over the past five weeks. The offense has been mostly bad away from home, and the defense has taken a big hit from its early hype and continues to pick up injuries. With Genosmith weak under pressure, Shaq Barrett is a big loss and Seattle should hit his play some big passes in Tampa’s secondary struggle.

The Bucks won four. His three of those were ugly games against the Cowboys, Saints, and Rams, in each of which he scored only 1 TD. He needed one more late phantom Atlanta his penalty to keep the win. The Bucs have him 0-4 as the defense allows his 20 points.

On the other hand, Seattle won four games in a row and double-digit wins. The Seahawks led Atlanta with 30 seconds left and the Saints with 5 minutes left. They are very close to 8-1. They’re really pretty good!

I honestly think Pete Carroll and his pals absolutely enjoy playing this underdog role. The Seahawks love his life and have fun there. I expect Seattle to have a fun college trip out of this German experience Bucs seem to hate each other so he still wants to retire he’s flying around the world with the QB doesn’t sound great.

No metric makes me think Tampa should be favored on a neutral field. Seattle’s offense is better. Seattle’s defense is better. They block better, run better, pass better. Seahawks are healthier. they are better coached.

And what else do you know? They have better QBs too. Ahoy!

Sign up for Caesars

  1. click here select a state, Caesars promo code ACTION4FULL.
  2. Enter your basic personal information to create an account, such as your name, date of birth, address, and email address.
  3. Deposit using your bank account, PayPal, or credit/debit card.
  4. Download the Caesars Sportsbook app and log in.
  5. Bet up to $1,250 on your first bet.

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