Business Matters: Asset Brokers and Loans buy and sell a variety of items.

Rita Blackhurst, 62, is an asset broker and loan owner on the corner of South Saginaw and Hailey in the Midlands. She buys precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. They buy old broken jewelry, dental gold, service award pins and class rings. The business also buys and sells diamonds and bullion. They also sell jewelry and can help with real estate settlements.

Rita and Tom have been married for 15 years, but have lived together for 32 years. She has two sons and her three granddaughters. Rita is a graduate of Swan Valley High School.

How long have you owned your businessI have been here for 14 years.? Wasn’t always the owner. I was his co-owner of Tad Robison for four years. He, his brother Blake, and another partner started it 15 years ago in his February. Tad he passed away in December 2021.

What inspired you to own a business?Well my husband and I have been in business for years and vowed never to do it again but then Tad passed away.? I have decided to continue my business so that I can continue to serve the community in the same capacity that I have had for 14 years.

Tell us some of the ways your business is active in the communityWe are a member of the Midland Business Alliance, a former member of the Midland Noon Exchange Club and BMI.? As a business, I have raised funds for Midland Hospital’s Auxiliary Facilities, Clare Hospital, and Alma. We have also assisted several churches and other organizations.

what are your interests and hobbies?I like reading, gardening and spending time with my granddaughter and family.

What local businesses are you working with to make your business successful? I am close with all the jewelers in town. We each have our own specialties. We introduce our customers to each other.

final thoughts to share? Stop by and come see us for a free evaluation.? I don’t mind if you bring a truck full. No obligation to sell. It might not be of any value to me, but it might point (you) in the right direction. It’s perfect for those who don’t know the value of their inheritance.

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