beWellnm health insurance general enrollment now available

beWell nm news:

Albuquerque — Open Enrollment for Health Insurance launched on Friday.

BeWellnm powers tens of thousands of new Mexicans can get low-cost or free health insurance.Many New Mexicans will see this year Less monthly payments, less co-payment, less deductible when shopping and comparing health plan

“This year beWellnm will, with the help of new state and federal financial assistance programs, Making health care more affordable than ever for people in New Mexico. Heather Kolburik said. “Four of her five eligible New Mexicans You can now receive health insurance premiums for less than $10/month through beWellnm with financial aid. Some people even find free health insurance options. ”

Recent Passage of Federal Inflation Reduction Act and State Health Insurance The Marketplace Affordability Program breaks down financial barriers and extends term. financial assistance. “BeWellnm and the State of New Mexico A New Pathway to Affordable Health Care for New Mexicans Statewide” beWellnm Chairman David Shaw said: “Together we worked to pass Health Care Affordability Fund, Elimination of Behavioral Health Co-payments, Lower premiums, prescription drug prices, and lower out-of-pocket costs for most new policies Mexicans are making services more affordable and accessible. ”

A brand new type of plan will be offered on the Marketplace this year. New Mexico. The Turquoise Plan is designed to reduce out-of-pocket costs for eligible shoppers.

“Our new turquoise label helps shoppers identify our most robust and best plans. FINANCIAL PROTECTION AND MAXIMUM FINANCIAL SUPPORT AVAILABLE ON” Maureen Manring, Director of Communications and Outreach at beWellnm, said: Multiple participating health plans offer dozens of plan options Providers that include dental insurance during the open enrollment period.all plans continue Covers 10 essential benefits such as outpatient, hospital, obstetric care and emergencies Room care, prescriptions, etc. Federal laws and regulations provide protection against: Exclusion of pre-existing conditions within health insurance coverage.

Buying health insurance can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. So beWellnm We offer free local registration assistance from certified registration specialists statewide.

“It is important to purchase and compare insurance options during the open registration period. Find a plan that fits your family’s needs. at beWellnm, hundreds of free Ready registration professionals.visit Make a plan today! ” said Colbrick.

New Mexico Health Insurance Companies Participating in State-Based Markets All 33 counties include:

  • Unbetter at Western Sky Community Care.
  • New Mexico’s Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • Molina Healthcare;
  • Presbyterian Health Plan; and
  • Best Life (dental insurance only).

The beWellnm open registration period begins on Tuesday and runs through January 15, 2023. Plan Year 2023. For New Mexicans Enrolling By December 23, 2022, Coverage will begin on January 1, 2023. If you register by January 15, 2023, your coverage will begin. February 1, 2023.

The beWellnm team of certified registered counselors, agents and brokers is free.they are Always ready to help anyone who needs to review and explain their health insurance options Phone support or virtual appointment at 833.862.3935 or online Or make an appointment with a certified assistant.

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