Best Pet Insurance in Connecticut 2022

Pet insurance plans vary from insurer to insurer, but here’s an overview of what you can expect.


Pet insurance costs are determined based on factors such as:

  • pet age
  • the breed of your pet
  • pet gender
  • where you live
  • the level of insurance you want to purchase

The price you pay also depends on the annual policy limit, plan deductibles, and reimbursement level you choose.


When you purchase pet insurance, you choose a deductible. Usually in the $100 to $1,000 range. Some companies offer a zero deductible option. If you choose a higher deductible, pet insurance.

After you receive your veterinary bill, the deductible must be paid before your pet insurance company can begin reimbursing you for the cost.

redemption level

Most pet insurance plans also let you choose a reimbursement level, usually between 50% and 100% of your pet’s care costs. After you pay your deductible, your pet insurance plan will provide coverage at reimbursement levels up to the annual coverage cap of your policy.

Let’s say your pet has a veterinary bill of $1,200 and a deductible of $250 at the 70% reimbursement level. In this case, you pay a deductible of $250 and get her 70% of the remaining $950, or $665 refunded.

Annual compensation limit

many pet insurance There is an annual limit on how much they pay. These limits range from $2,500 to unlimited.

Please note that if you purchase annual limited coverage, you will be fully responsible for all veterinary costs in excess of that amount.

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