AHA finds insurance company policies ‘extremely nasty’

1 Nov. Insurance-related barriers to care, such as unaffordable deductibles and excessive pre-approval requirements, are “extremely troublesome” in the current open admissions season. American Hospital Association A letter to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra and Labor Secretary Martin Walsh alleges.

The country’s hospitals and health system are “enthusiastic and ready” to ensure that all eligible individuals and families receive comprehensive care, but actions by some insurers fall short of that aim. It’s against

This letter is issued by the insurance company get higher profit At the same time, hospitals and healthcare systems face financial turmoil.

In the letter, Pollack said he was “increasingly concerned” about such behavior, citing the denial of previously approved treatment and the sudden change of providers that patients can see and deductibles. and the excessive need for approval as key areas, where insurance companies are failing more and more patients.

“The actions of some private insurers add to the complexity that patients face in navigating the healthcare system, leaving patients with unnecessary delays in care or, in some cases, medical malpractice that should be covered. “It undermines these benefits and protections by making them vulnerable to denial of the care they need.”

Much more must be done to adequately monitor the behavior of commercial insurance, he argued.

“Individuals and families need to be confident that the plan they choose during open enrollment will actually be there when they need care,” Pollack concluded.

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