AfDB lends $80 million to Tunisia for food security projects – The North Africa Post

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has granted an $80 million line of credit designated to enhance food self-sufficiency and security by securing supplies of soft wheat, barley and fertilizer.
The loan deal was signed on Thursday between Samir Saeed, Tunisian Minister of Economic Planning, and Mohamed El Azizi, director general of the Abidjan-based bank’s North Africa Regional Development and Service Delivery Office.
Webdo Tunis reports that Tunisia will use the funds to fund an enhanced emergency food security assistance project known as PAUSAT.
PAUSAT also seeks to provide support for the resilience of grain systems to external shocks and climate change, increased feed productivity for milk production, and the development and digitization of the grain sector.
Said said the funding is consistent with the government’s efforts to secure supplies of grains, seeds and fertilizers, improve the profitability of the field crop sector and develop governance for companies operating in the sector. claim to be.
Tunisia, like most countries, bears the brunt of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, affecting the world’s grain, gas and oil chains.

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