A local credit union employee was found offering the loan, and the credit limit was increased

A Port Arthur Bank employee provided unreported loans to himself and family, processed more than 20 transactions for friends and family, and was ineligible for the increase, police said. Despite this, the credit limit has been increased twice.

An arrest warrant for the 41-year-old woman was issued this fall, according to court documents.

A woman, who was an employee of the Port Arthur Community Federal Credit Union between May 10, 2018 and May 11, 2020, was accused of “misusing the property and assets of the credit union and violating police and regulations.” and put the credit union at risk of loss of property and assets,” the document said.

According to the documents, the woman had made five loans for herself and her family and had not reported these loans to the board of directors as required by company policy.

She also processed over 20 transactions for her own account and those of her family members, raised her credit limit twice, and had another employee raise her credit limit again when her credit score was not eligible. I raised the amount.

Police say she also manipulated loan payments and diverted them to her advantage.



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