A large amount of pileup on 6 makes it difficult to identify the fault

Winter conditions caused multiple cars to pile up on Route 6 on Friday morning. How does insurance determine negligence and affect charges?

DENVER — It could take months for police and insurance companies to investigate Friday’s Highway 6 crash to determine what caused the massive pile-up on icy roads during the early morning commute. there is.

Ultimately, the blame can fall on many drivers, not just one.

“There will be a domino chain reaction when you untangle who caused what crash,” said Carole Walker, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, which represents insurance companies in the state. said like this.

“Multiple drivers may be out of order. One car may have set off a chain reaction, but another car crashed into another car and another car skidded.” she said.

Vehicles that were unable to drive away from the scene on Friday morning were towed to the Mile High Stadium parking lot where drivers could pick them up.

Walker said anyone involved in a crash, or a multiple-vehicle accident like the one we saw Friday morning, should contact their insurance company immediately.

“Start with them and look at the coverage you have,” she said. I can.”

“The problem with multiple car collisions is that multiple drivers are likely to be at fault, either driving too fast for the conditions or getting too close without braking.” explains Walker.

Police and insurance companies pay to reimburse other insurance companies for all costs when they determine that many drivers are at fault.

“Colorado has comparative negligence laws,” she said. Maybe so, but maybe someone she’s 20% or she’s 50%. “

> The video above is a dashcam video from one of the vehicles involved.

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