Breavement Care Tech Platform Empathy now partners with software company Benekiva to streamline life insurance claims processing and help families access benefits faster.

Benekiva’s claims automation platform is designed to simplify and accelerate that process. Dying report cost It was published by Empathy earlier this year.

As they considered a partnership, the two companies saw potential symmetries between their services. Empathy applications help families navigate the logistical aspects of bereavement, including documents, funeral and memorial arrangements, wills, and other concerns. It is designed to

“The true financial and emotional costs of loss have long been poorly addressed by existing systems. We can do more as a society to change that.” , co-founder, co-founder and CEO Ron Gura said in a statement. “Like Empathy, Benekiva is an innovative high-tech company that strives to provide insurers with the services they need to smooth out age-old processes and provide consumer-friendly services. By working with both, insurers have all the tools they need to enhance the beneficiary experience beyond financial payments.”

The burden of grieving families is often severe. According to Dying Reports, they can spend up to 500 hours over 13 months completing administrative tasks related to the death of a loved one. The average cost to the bereaved exceeds $12,000.

Empathy secured $13 million in seed money in April 2021, with venture capital firms General Catalyst and Aleph becoming prominent investors. Before the year began, Empathy raised another $30 million in Series A funding led by Entre Capital, with rejoins from General Catalyst and Aleph.

The company’s clients include a number of Fortune 100 companies. compass (NHPCO).

Benekiva provides claimants, policyholders, associates and agents with a configurable platform designed to access all aspects of the claims process and policy-related information and services. The platform’s features also allow insurance companies to process claims around the clock.

Last month, the insurance technology organization InsurTech NY selected Benekiva among its third growth-stage accelerator cohort. Through this initiative, Insurtech NY has helped 32 startups gain market traction, recruit talent, and secure funding. We provide resources to help you.

“Benekiva is on a mission to create the claims platform of choice for beneficiary-centric insurers and improve the claims experience for all involved,” said Benekiva Founder, CEO and President. Brent Williams announced. “Our technology and configurable platform enables claimants to regain a sense of control so simple claims are paid in days, not weeks. We share Empathy’s goal of meeting people where they are so they can focus on what’s really important.”

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