2022 Massachusetts Election Results: Dental Insurance Question 2

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Voters will decide on Tuesday the fate of a statewide ballot question asking residents for their input on regulations regarding dental insurance companies.

according to In a summary posted on the Secretary of State’s websitethe proposed law would require dental insurance companies to spend at least 83% of their premiums on member dental costs and quality improvements, rather than administrative costs.

A yes vote would regulate dental issuance rates, while a no vote would leave state law unchanged, according to the Secretary of State.

The Dental Insurance Quality Commission, which backed the question, said a yes vote would “extend to dental insurers consumer protection laws that already exist for health insurers.”

“Similar to medical insurance, this law requires dental insurance companies to allocate at least 83% of premiums paid to patient care or refund premiums to patients in order to meet this standard,” the commissioner said. The party claims

A committee opposing the question said that approval of the law would “increase costs for Massachusetts families and employers” to protect public access to quality dental care.

“With soaring consumer prices, there is no need for new regulations that increase costs and reduce choices,” the commission said.

For more formal information about your question, Visit the Secretary of State’s website.

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