2,000-pound rock hits home, no insurance payout

NEWCASTLE, Colorado (KDVR) — A 2,000-pound rock struck a Newcastle home, causing significant damage and injuring one of the home’s family members.

The Camacho family are shocked by this whole ordeal. Jazmin Camacho said it happened last Thursday.

boulder falls off mountain

She walks through FOX31 and a rock falls from the mountain behind her house and crashes into her house.

“It hit our retaining wall, then came down into our yard – our yard has a big hollow – and then came in our window, hit our couch, and hit the air. and flew through walls and crashed into our entertainment center.

Mother Maria’s left leg was completely shattered by a boulder and took nearly a year to recover from the surgery. Now she is out of her job and Jazmine herself has health problems.

“They support me 100% now. I am receiving dialysis and doing dialysis at home,” Camacho said. “So it’s going to be pretty daunting for them to put this on top of their mortgages and bills and put all this burden on them.”

And insurance was a nightmare. Their insurance initially said that staying in a hotel would cover everything, but they called the family back on Friday and said they weren’t going to pay anything. They have not yet had a contractor come, but they strongly hope there is no structural damage.

Ginger Curry, a family friend and local real estate agent in the Newcastle area, Set up and help GoFundMe for damages and medical expenses.

The bottom line, though, is that I hope this acts as a warning.

“God knows this possibility, but all I want to tell you is to check your home policy,” Camacho said. This is what they have imposed on you that you are 100% financially responsible and that is just a big shock.

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